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Our Retail Media Consulting Process in 3 Steps.

Full service from a single source.


Media Strategy

Basis for more growth

Development of a media strategy following detailed analysis of the customer briefing. Deliver tailored solutions for different customers and their products.


Media Plan Implementation

Measures for more success

Campaign design and execution, implementation of the various media plans within a clear KPI framework.



Insights for optimization

Campaign monitoring by Shop Apotheke and preparation of campaign reports with transparent KPIs, with help of our retail media platform. Based on past campaign results, we also advise you on the set-up of future campaigns.


Until every human has their health.

Health is everything to us. And we believe it should be everything to you, too. So it's always our top priority to provide people with the right products, the right knowledge and the right services, every day.

Our Role

Guiding through health.

People and their needs always come first - including our customers, our employees and all our stakeholders. To serve them in the best way we can, we - the one-stop pharmacy - live according to five actions.


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