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Data Solutions.

360° view on performance, customers and market developments.

Retail Media Plattform

Keep all campaign insights in view at all times thanks to our Retail Media Platform.

Our Retail Media Platform (RMP) is unique in the mail-order industry. For example, you would like to know who is actually buying your product? How old are your customers? How high are your daily sales? How do your products perform compared to the competition? Our RMP offers you the answers to all these questions and more. 

Profit from our dynamic self-service platform that gives you a view of your real-time performance and delivers valuable insights. Our platform provides you with different KPIs and reporting. You can use the insights gained as a valuable basis for the development of your future commercial strategies.

What’s more, you have the opportunity to acquire customized analyses that deliver additional insights aligned with your individual questions. 

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Sales Performance.

Here you can see the sales figures for all products and brands. Compare your performance month to month and with last year’s performance. Depending on the package, you can see monthly or daily sales data.

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Market Shares.

How do your products, or brand, perform compared to the competition? In order to better sort your sales figures, we offer the option of presenting your products’ market share in different categories. Depending on the package, you can view the data quarterly or monthly and here, too, compare with last year’s figures.

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Customer Insights.

Better understand your customers and with that your target groups. From demographic characteristics to shopping cart details, from new and existing customer analyses to customer journey insights, like web traffic, with the help of our Analysis Tools you can raise your marketing to a new level. First-hand data gives you an exclusive view into the behavior of your customers. This allows us to derive optimization options. We can also explain the background to your performance results.

Data Insights and Individual Consulting.

The data that we make available to you on our Retail Media Platform is just a part of what we offer. We would be happy to advise you on an individual basis and clarify any questions you might have. You can’t get any closer to your future and existing customers than that.

Our Solutions

Individual solutions along the entire customer journey.

With our expertise you will always reach the right target group.


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