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Our Solutions

Individual solutions along the entire customer journey.

With our expertise you will always reach the right target group.


Co-branded ads on external sites.


Measures within the Shop Apotheke App.


Our Media Data 2024.

Everything about our products and further information.

Media Kit 2024

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Options in our Webshops.

For Onsite we offer product and banner placements along the entire customer journey.

  • Bannering

  • Product placement

  • Search

  • Content Integration & Newsletter


External Campaigns.

Thanks to our close collaboration with external media partners, we can offer Offsite placements and make your brands visible in new environments. To achieve that, we use already available and relevant 1st party data.

  • Offsite campaigns

  • Digital OOH

  • Waiting Room TV


Options in our App.

We offer content and banner placements in the number-one rated App among online pharmacies.

  • Bannering

  • Push Notification

  • Inbox Message


Discover our Data Solutions.

We offer insights into product categories, customer behavior and brand use via our Retail Media Platform or on request.

  • Sales Performance

  • Market Shares

  • Customer Insights

  • Individual consulting